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Cheap Car Insurance in Denmark

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Get 3 free quotes on your car insurance

For most people, the car insurance is a big expense and a lot of people pay way to much money, to insure their car. Therefore, it may be worth investigating your possibilities by obtaining 3 different quotes from different insurance companies.

The car insurance is often the most expensive kind of insurance, which makes it a competitive factor for the insurance companies. More and more companies lower their rates on car insurance when they need to reach out to new customers, and that’s why there is a lot of money to save, by switching to a less costly insurance company. A study done by FDM shows, that it a lot of the times is possible to split the insurance premium in half.

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What type of car insurance?

Finding the right car insurance, can be a bit of a challenge. Most of the times, coverage and rates go hand in hand, so the question is, how extensive you want your insurance to be, in case of an accident. With that in mind, there are two types of car insurance you need to consider.

Liability insurance 
The liability insurance covers the damages that you inflict on other drivers, along with their belongings. The liability insurance is required by law in Denmark.

Comprehensive insurance
Besides the damages you inflict on others, the comprehensive insurance covers the damages you inflict on your own car. The comprehensive insurance is not required by law in Denmark.    

Liability insurance

In Denmark, the liability insurance is required by law, so make sure to take out insurance when you buy a car. This type of insurance only covers the damages you inflict upon others or their cars. You can thereby say that the insurance offers a sort basic coverage of the most critical damages. The insurance is of high importance, as you won’t be in huge debt for the rest of your life, if you damage another person’s car or even worse, another person.

The liability insurance is more or less the same from insurance company to insurance company, and is therefore very easy to compare. The excess has the largest impact on the companies rates on their policies. The lower the excess, the more expensive your insurance is going to be.

Comprehensive insurance

In contrast to the liability insurance, this form of car insurance is not required by law. The comprehensive insurance covers, besides liability, also the damages that your car might suffer from. For example the damages that occur when parked or when you are involved in an accident. The comprehensive insurance does however not cover your losses, if you damage your car on purpose, when you show signs of negligence or when you are driving under influence.

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7 factors that affect the rates

The excess is how much of a damage you have to pay for yourself. A higher excess will automatically lead to a cheaper insurance. A lower excess is a bit more expensive, but it covers a lot more damages.

The longer you have been with an insurance company, the lower the rates will be. The insurance companies use your track record to keep track on how you drive and the risk of you having an accident. In most cases, you can transfer your seniority with you, to another company.

Type of car
Certain types of cars are more often involved in accidents, than others. The size of the engine, a particular brand of cars or a specific model can therefore affect how much your insurance policy is going to cost.

Statistically, younger people have more accidents, than older people. That’s why it’s more often than not, more expensive to take out insurance when you are a younger or relatively inexperienced driver. Typically, the rates will be lower, when the driver is 25 of age or older.

Miles driven per year
The more you drive year round, the bigger is the risk of you having an accident. The number of miles driven per year, is therefore a factor that affects the rates of your car insurance.

Prior accidents
Whether or not you have any prior accidents can affect the rates on your insurance. The more accidents, the larger the risk.

Place of residence
Your address also affects your rates, as the number of accidents is higher in the larger cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense.

Keep checking your rates

The rates are ever changing and it’s therefore worth your while to keep an eye on your insurance policy. A study from FDM shows that since 2002, the insurance companies raised their insurance premiums with 42%. Despite accidents dropping by 8%. So make sure that you don’t pay a lot more than you actually should.

Extended coverage

You have several possibilities to extend your car insurance, so that you and you’re a better covered, in the event of an accident. Among the most common extensions are:

Drivers insurance
This insurance safe guards you as a driver, if you suffer an injury on your person, when involved in a traffic accident.

Glass insurance
This insurance covers damages on your cars mirrors, wind shield and sun roof. These types of damages are mostly covered in the comprehensive insurance, but in most cases, the price of repairing the damages will be cheaper than the excess.

If you are in an accident, your cars value may fall considerably. With a depreciation insurance, most insurance companies subsidizes your expenses when your car is in need of repair.

Extra equipment
If you own extra equipment for more than 20.000 kr. It’s recommended to buy this extension. It covers all the extra equipment that are fixed in your car when you buy it from the car dealership.

Roadside assistance
This extension assists you if you can’t start your car or if your car breaks down while driving. You will then be assisted on site or you will be escorted home or to an auto shop.

Car insurance for people under 25

As we have already established, age has a huge impact on your insurance rates. Especially young people under 25, have to pay a lot more, as they statistically have the most accidents. That said, we have a couple of pointers to help you get a cheaper insurance, even though you are young.

  1. Seniority: 
    Don’t register the car in your parents’ names. It’s illegal and can have serious repercussions the day you are involved in an accident. Take it on in your own name, and look forward to building seniority, so that you in a few years can pay a lot less.
  2. Buy an older car:
    Buy an older and cheaper car and settle for just the liability insurance. A comprehensive insurance is very expensive when you don’t have seniority.
  3. Get a smaller car:
    The type of car you drive, affects the rates on your insurance policy. Especially as a young person, there is a lot of money to be saved, if you buy a car with less than 75 HP.
  4. Bundle your insurance policies:
    If you bundle all of your insurance policies, most insurance companies will give you a sort of discount, which will give you a head start on your seniority.

Car insurance in other countries

If you bring your car to another country, your liability insurance will automatically cover you, if you are involved in an accident.

If you have taken on the comprehensive insurance, remember your red card when you are travelling. The red card is evidence that you have taken on the comprehensive insurance and it will help you if you need roadside assistance in a foreign country.

If you are driving outside Europe, you will have to bring the green card. The green card is evidence that you have taken on liability insurance on your car.

Car insurance for electric cars

If you are one of the lucky owners of an electric car, remember to get insurance. Luckily, the insurances are not as expensive as for ordinary cars. That’s because the insurance companies see a lower risk with owners of electric or hybrid cars. The total cost of the insurance is also lower because of the savings on fuel and repairs.

Classic car insurance

As with other motor vehicles, Danish law requires the liability insurance. Besides the liability insurance, we also recommend that you acquire the road assistance extension, as classic cars might not be as reliable as newer cars.

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