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A family or homeowner’s insurance helps you in the unfortunate event that any of your possessions has been broken or stolen from your home. Additionally it contains a liability insurance as well, in case someone in your household accidentally destroys another person’s belongings. For most people, the homeowner’s insurance is essential, and in spite of little differences from policy to policy, it varies quite a bit in pricing.

Homeowner's insurance

In spite of small variations, the homeowner’s insurances usually offers approximately the same amount of coverage. According to Forbrugerrådet Tænk Penge, who did a study of 9 of the largest insurance companies in Denmark, you really have to go into the details to spot the differences. That’s why Tænk Penge advises most consumers to go for the best price when shopping for homeowner’s insurance. At Forsikringsportalen we recommend that you always remember to read the terms and conditions of the insurance before you sign the papers, to make sure that it fits your needs.

Be aware that certain companies call their homeowner’s insurances family insurance, why these types of bundles cover much of the same.

Read below what is typically included in your homeowner’s insurance and what extensions are available for purchase.

Basic coverage

Basic coverage ordinarily includes damages caused by fire, while most of the remaining insurance options might fall under their extended policies. Read below, what is typically included in the basic coverage of your homeowner's insurance.

Indboforsikringen dækker skader på indbo ved Brand

Fire insurance
The fire insurance covers your inventory in the event of a fire.

Glas og sanitetsdækning på husforsikringer

Glass and sanitary appliances
This type of insurance covers glass and sanitary appliances like toilettes, windows, ceramic hotplates, doors to shower cubicles, sinks, bathtubs and mirrors, etc.

Hvordan husforsikring kan beskytte med frostskader og sprængninger

Damages by frost and snow
This covers freezing of any refrigeration, causing power outage.

Pludselige skader på huset og sammenhæng med din husforsikring

This covers vandalism on your possessions inside your house.

Psychological counselling
If you experience a distressing incident like a traffic accident, life threatening disease or a larger fire, this insurance covers.

Skader ved tyveri er oftest dækket af indboforsikringen og ikke husforsikringerne

Theft and burglary
This covers your losses in case of theft or burglary. These types of damages should also be reported to the police

genhusning og husforsikring - yder hjælp hvis huset er ubeboeligt

In the event that your house becomes uninhabitable due to damages covered by your insurance, the insurance company will subsidize a temporary re-housing until your house becomes inhabitable again.

Storm and cloudburst
This covers damages on your inventory due to stormy weather or cloudbursts.

husejeransvar ikon

Homeowner's liability
This covers you in case you cause damage upon another person, their belongings or have been acting irresponsibly.

Legal counsel
In some cases, your insurance company covers your legal fees if you need a lawyer for disagreements related to reimbursement or a conflict between neighbors. The terms and conditions are for most insurance companies more or less the same, but the maximum level of coverage might vary from company to company.

Electrical damages
This covers electrical damages on your appliances.

Fluid leaks
If you suddenly discover an outflow of water from certain installations, typically heating devices, kettles or faucets, this has you covered.