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Get a cheap travel insurance

If you want to save the hazzle on finding your next insurance companies, we can easily help you. Get 3 personal tailored quotes. It is easy, free and there is no obilgations.

  • Save time - Fill out our formula, and get 3 insurance offers.
  • Save money - Get a cheap insurance
  • Free and 100% non-committal
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Get a cheap insurance. Choose the insurances you need, to get 3 offers.

Try out our free service, which is absolutly non-committal, for greater insurance offers. You can save much money every year. Below you can find a number of tips on how to pay less for your insurance. 

Get 3 insurance offers

Forsikringsportalen.dk can help you with 3 strong and non-committal offers – 100% free

  • Fill out a form a get 3 competitive offers – and save money on your insurance every year.
  • Let more companies fight to insure you properly.
  • It is easy – 100% free and non-committal.

5 steps to a cheaper insurance

Market research: If you obtain quotes from several different insurance companies, you can compare price and coverage. Therefore, you can choose what offer suits your needs best. However, the price can vary greatly from company to company.

Get your coverage in one place: If you have all of your insurance policies with one company, you can often get a great deal, which mostly means a cheaper insurance. Therefore, check out a number of insurances, since some provide a greater discount than others

Increase your self-retention: If you increase your self-retention, your insurance will be cheaper. However, this is based on your financial situation. You should consider having a high self-retention in combination with a cheap insurance.

Negotiate the price: If the price of your insurance increases significantly, you have the opportunity to negotiate with the company and insist on an explanation. Despite the fact that most companies run by different standard prices, they take each individual customer into consideration.

Prevent damages: If you frequently get injuries and make use of your insurance, the price will in most cases eventually increase. Therefore, consider for example not reporting minor injuries.

Not so difficult, right?

Many people are not motivated to check their insurance or move them for that matter. Forsikringsportalen.dk is a platform to help you to find insurances easier and faster and to get an overview of the market.

People think it is time consuming to change insurances, though, it is actually possible to switch with one-month notice and the new company even handles these changes for you.

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