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Cheap travel insurance that suits you

You go out and travel; therefore, it makes sense to have travel insurance. Though how do you find the best and cheapest travel insurance? There are many things to consider and it can be hard to find the best and cheapest travel insurance. Avoid the hassle and let us help you obtain 3 free travel insurance offers.

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Free travel insurance offers

Fill out a single form and let 3 insurance companies offer you a free proposal of your travel insurance that best suits your needs. Select the best deal - or refuse.

Single or annual travel insurance?

To find the best and cheapest travel insurance depends entirely on your needs and how often you travel. A good tip is to make sure that your insurance company has a 24h emergency contact that can help you if a damage occurs. 

How do I find out if single or annual travel insurance is cheaper?

Single travel insurances typically have a basic fee of 50-250 kr. Moreover, it varies depending on whether it comes to a world or Europe wide travel insurance. Additionally, your insurance coverage has great influence on your holiday, if anything goes wrong an extra coverage for example for losing skiing days caused by an injury or a baggage delay can help. Let’s take an 8 day skiing vacation as the starting point for our travel insurance calculation – travel insurance would add up to the following:

  • Price = basic fee + (Days * Price per day)
  • Price = 200 kr + (8 days of 40 kr) = 520 kr

Sometimes it makes more sense to have an annual travel insurance. It covers the whole household - i.e. your family, and might also include cancellation insurance and late arrival if you miss your flight. In comparison to single travel insurances, annual travel insurance is just paid once a year. The following calculation takes one household – a couple with one child - into account:

  • Annual Travel Insurance: summer 950 kr (price for a whole year) + winter 0 kr
  • Single Travel Insurance: summer 520 kr + winter 950 kr = total cost 1470 kr